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Calling all ghosts, goblins & un-dead alike! As Spooky Szn comes to an end let us take a moment to appreciate all things creepy, crawly & frightfully delicious. 

Calling all ghosts, goblins & un-dead alike! As Spooky Szn comes to an end let us take a moment to appreciate all things creepy, crawly & frightfully delicious. 

I’m a firm believer that there are two types of Halloween girlies, there’s the cute ones, and then the ones (like me) who find great pleasure in taking some of the scariest things you know and turning them into food. Is there anything better than looking your fear in the face and then shoving it in yours? The only thing missing at this point is the boo’s! 

Witch way to the party?! Whether you’re hosting this year or simply attending, you don’t want to show up empty handed. If you have the time, I’ve got the recipe that will leave everyone shrieking with delight. 

Let’s get this party star-dead, fam!

What you’ll need

– 1 board of your choice

– parchment paper

– marker or pen + scissors

– 3 packs boursin cheeses

– 2 packs (6-8oz) prosciutto or speck (I prefer speck as it’s smoked and has a creepier look and tastes *chefs kiss*)

– 5 Prosciutto wrapped mozzarella sticks OR 5 plain mozz sticks that you can wrap yourself

– Crackers and any dipping veggies – the sturdier the better


– Lay out your sheet of parchment paper and trace your hand and forearm with your pen, you’ll then want to cut out the traced hand and lay it on your board. This provides your guide to build from – if you prefer to freestyle, go for it!

– Take your 5 mozz sticks and lay them down where your fingers are (if you chose plain mozz please wrap these in prosciutto prior to laying them down)

– Fully unwrap one of your boursins and use this to shape your hand. Some of the Boursin will be covering the base of the mozz sticks, I like to leave this a little elevated to give the appearance of knuckles.

– Unwrap your two remaining boursins and use them to shape the rest of your forearm. 

– Take your prosciutto/speck and start laying it on top of your boursin shaping it as needed. You can layer this as many ways as you want – I like to have my fatty strips facing random directions to create a less structured look. feel free to rip your prosciutto to create jagged edges but make sure all of the boursin is covered. Leave the tips of the fingers uncovered to create fingertips

– Place your crackers + veggies around your hand, stab a knife in that bad boi and dip away!! 

You know what they always say….If you got it, haunt it!

Cheers, Witches!

Meet Chelsea F.

Chelsea here! My love of all things specialty  started when I began working as a cheesemonger in 2015 at a small grocery co-op in Iowa. From mongering in Iowa to purchasing for Whole Foods Market in St. Louis my passions led me to opening up my own small business focusing on food styling and pairings. Across the Board 314 was founded in 2020 and the journey has been nothing short of magic. St. Louis has captured my heart and being able to bring joy through food & art is everything I could have ever dreamed of. Outside of ATB you’ll find me hiking with my wife & our two dogs, Cowboy & Buck, out exploring the city & trying new foods & indulging in super classy reality tv. Cheers!

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