How to Apply

with catera combs

Welcome to our guide on rubbing in your Coochie Conditioner. We all know the first time you rub it can be intimidating, but this article is to show you how to feel confident with the many times to… wait for it… come!

Coochie Conditioner is made of pharmaceutical grade, food safe ingredients, so before we get started… take a deep breath! There’s really not a wrong way to apply Coochie Conditioner to your wood. Everybody has their own style, and this is just a guide based off of what Tim’s technique is.

Let’s start rubbing it out!

1. Goop

We recommend applying Coochie Conditioner every 2-3 uses, or 1-2 weeks of not using the wood board in question. First goop the Coochie Conditioner on your wood surface. (Men: not THAT wood). a 1-2 second squeeze should be enough for an already-moisturized charcuterie or cutting board. 

If you haven’t used Coochie Conditioner on the wood in question yet, give it a healthy coating. Keep in mind, if your board is already cracking, you may need to do multiple treatments to restore its awesomeness. Once you apply a healthy coating, you’re good to go for step two.

2. Latherrrrr 😉

Our copywriter is having a field day with this page.

After you goop it on, rub it in ;). Like you would with your partners wood, don’t just slap it on and give it a quick rub down, massage it in so the wood can absorb the all natural, food-safe ingredients.

Make sure you rub it in the cracks and corners, including the engraving on the boards. Once there’s an even, glossy layer on the board, you’re good for step 3.

3. Wipe Off The Excess

Use your dedicated rag, sock or tissue 😉  to wipe off the excess Conditioner. Make sure you get in the cracks and engravings . A good rule of thumb is the board should only slightly shimmer in the light.

Once again, Coochie Conditioner is made of pharmaceutical grade ingredients, meaning everything is food safe. In summary, it’s pretty hard to screw this process up — everybody has their own style of giving an ol’ fashioned moisturizing, so share your technique with us on social media for a chance to be featured!


Happy rubbings!