Meet Tim Gauntt

Tim Gauntt is the owner and founder of Gauntt Board Company, LLC, a carpentry company that specializes in custom charcuterie and butcher blocks. GBC was founded in October 2020, and became the catalyst for Coochie Conditioner, a treatment for special uses in the preventive maintenance of charcuterie boards.

Tim has always had a passion for creating and designing, which sparked his hobby of self-taught woodwork. His love for charcuterie boards began when he decided to fashion specialty butcher blocks. The reactions he gets from his customers are priceless – Tim’s attention to small details in carpentry consistently blows minds. 

Conditioners were the one product Tim was using to finish his boards, so he decided to create his own and share his wealth of knowledge. Once he started selling Coochie Conditioner, he knew he couldn’t stop! Tim felt a great amount of pride and happiness watching people smile at his product, buy it, then show it to their friends and families to see their reactions. 

Tim’s hope for Coochie Conditioner is to bring a smile to someone’s face. Even if they aren’t a customer, Tim hopes he can make a new fan by bringing a bit of light to their day. With the growth of his company, Tim wants to support the fights against concerns like ovarian cancer and endometriosis. 

In his free time, Tim enjoys playing soccer in both men’s and co-ed leagues in Kansas City. Although his hometown of Manhattan, Kansas will always be special to him, Tim proudly resides in the Kansas City area.