Meet Essie

Estes, our Chief Cuteness Officer, is the namesake of our quality guarantee.

Even though she’s under 60 pounds, she’s a real powerhouse when it comes to keeping our team inspired and on track. Estes joined our family when she was just 6 months old and has been a crucial part to our business since day one. Her cheerful and loving personality brings happiness to all of our clients.

Her strong presence in the workshop has inspired us to create Essies Promise. Estes played a huge role in giving her “Seal of Approval” in our company’s early days.

Basically, we would show her a freshly completed board and she would “BOOP” it with her nose if it was up to her standards. Today, she doesn’t have much time to do that with all of the products we’re sending out, but with Essie’s “Seal of Approval” on each product, we’re guaranteeing to you that our products are up to her standards.

With Estes still on the team, you can rely on us to deliver your project to the highest degree of excellence and to provide you with the best possible products.