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Coochie Conditioner®

Practice safe snacking. For your wood, you deserve premium protection. Keep it safe and moist with Coochie Conditioner. With all natural oils and beeswax, Coochie Conditioner ensures longer lasting wood – and none of that annoying dryness. You’re good at what you do, so make sure your wood is at the top of its game for every use. After trying this Coochie, you’ll never want another. Coochie Conditioner has the solution for every wood problem, so go ahead and get attached. As for those delicious spreads you’re making? Keep ’em coming. Coochie Conditioner is the perfect product to properly maintain and condition your charcuterie boards or butcher blocks. Though we know it’s tempting – do NOT use Coochie Conditioner for anything else. We mean it. ANYTHING else.

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